Cloud and Hybrid Deployment

Developers bulding on-premises applications or migrating on-premises applications to the cloud will immediately see the above benefits by using Windows Azure Virtual Machines. In addition, Windows Azure also provides several services that can be used to develop and test a variety of applications. Some of these services include Windows Azure Web Sites, Mobile Services, Cloud Services, SQL Databases, and Windows Azure Storage.

Novadia Consultants can introduce and support you in this adventure that dramatically reduce your company's total cost of ownership (TCO) and accelerate the return on investment (ROI).

Office 365

Microsoft Product

Two feet in one shoe

The Cloud doesn't have to be an all or nothing solution! Hybrid Cloud Solution mix and match Office 365 to on-premises, offering a powerful and highly functional solution for your business. Novadia can help you to find cloud services that are great at what they provide, then bolt them together to get the best of everything.

The latest Wave of Microsoft Enterprise Products (SharePoint, Exchange and Lync) is designed from the ground up to support coexistence with the cloud. From both the administrator and end-user’s perspective, 2013 Wave and Office 365 provide a seamless and feature rich experience.

Wait, there's more...

A Hybrid Cloud model typically employs an IT infrastructure along with resources both on-premise and in the Cloud. It's a growing IT trend that helps alleviate company concerns by keeping your own data center while pushing other data to the Cloud. Pack speed, reliability, performance and security into your Hybrid Cloud.